Treat yourself to one of our luxurious spa treaments


 All living things are sustained by life force energy field, sometimes called chi or prana. Our responses to life become patterns in our field. Some patterns heal and uplift us, while others contribute to physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. Trained energy workers help clear blockages in your energetic field.    

Sugar Scrub

  Include our Lavender Sugar Scrub with your massage for an invigiorating, skin softening treat. The fine texture of the sugar gently exfoliates your skin, leaving your body supremely hydrated and glowingly refreshed.  

Infrared Sauna

 Our Infrared Sauna warms your body with naturally occurring infrared energy that penetrates deep within the body, gently elevating the body's surface temperature and activating the organs and other bodily systems. With regular  sauna sessions, you can lose weight, relax, relieve muscle and arthritis pain, increase your circulation and purify your skin! 

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